Aydree Did It...☁

Dallas but my heart stays in L.A.
Yeezy fan, Lakernation; Hiii P! ask. links.

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It’s weird.. sorry for creeping but I just looked through all ur IG pictures and I’m not in any of them. I feel like I’ve been demeaned in ur life and that hurts because u were the first person I call my friend. Now were not even “allowed” to be friends. Cus ur 18 yet ur life is ran by someone else. And ur still out there doing u but I can’t even be your friend?Total bullshit but how I feel and the thoughts going through my brain matter to NO ONE.
I’m so selfish for feeling empty bc of everyone else. Fuck. Wish I could be independent. Wish I could be lonely and be completely okay with it.


why do I still try